Peer Mentor Program

Individual Guidance and Support

Our Peer Mentor Program was implemented in 2008 to increase support and guidance for caregivers, particularly during their their first 6 months of employment at Living Well. A Peer Mentor accompanies each caregiver on their first day of service and is available on an ongoing basis to answer questions and encourage the caregiver’s skill development. This program is unique to Living Well Home Care and highly regarded by Accreditation Canada.

Why Do We Have Peer Mentors?

In order to consistently provide the best home care available, our Peer Mentor Program ensures that our caregivers are comfortable with their clients and their care plans. With so much to learn as a new employee, our caregivers appreciate having support on their first day at work, during their first 6 months, and ongoing whenever they need it.

The program is also available for caregivers who need a refresher on certain tasks or who need to learn about a new device. At Living Well, our duty is to educate staff on industry best practices so that our clients feel comfortable and safe under our care.

How Does The Program Work?

Along with ongoing training and support whenever a caregiver has the need, newly hired staff receive:

1) Shadow shift during first client visit(s)
2) 3 month in-field review
3) 6 month in-field review
4) Annual performance appraisal and coaching

Why Does the Program Matter?

We believe that the best possible care is provided by staff who are the best equipped. Our caregivers agree:

• 92% agree that the Peer Mentor is valuable to them
• 100% agree that their Supervisor gives them feedback that helps them do a better job
• 98% agree that their performance evaluation is fair and helpful
• 94% agree that they have good opportunities to develop their careers

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