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Specialized Care

Bring the care you need closer to home.

Our qualified caregivers can provide you with specialized services for the following conditions:

Dementia Care – with the increasing incidence of dementia in our community, we pride ourselves on the investment we make in training our staff with the specific skills required

Complex Care – clients with multiple medical conditions require constant monitoring, and our staff are trained to meet specific client needs

Palliative Care – for clients with life-limiting illnesses, the primary role for our caregivers is symptom management, and emotional support to the client, family and primary caregivers

Transitional care – our caregivers work with you when you are leaving a medical facility and returning home after an illness, accident, surgery, or heart/stroke recovery. Care is designed to facilitate your smooth and safe transition back to independence where possible. Care is also provided on a short to medium term basis for clients who are preparing to transition into long-term care.

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