As part of our commitment to promoting excellent care, Living Well Home Care Services offers educational in-services to its caregivers throughout the year. All caregivers are required to attend at least two educational in-services each year which helps to guide their decision making abilities, improve knowledge and upgrade the caregiver’s skills.

Living Well Home Care Services decides where to focus its educational programs through surveys, our Community Needs Assessment and by keeping up on related health care developments. Our Education Consultant, Carolyn Langley, takes great care in developing workshops that focus on professional development for the staff and client-centered care.

Educational In-Services:

  • Violence in the Workplace (Mandatory)
  • Medication Course (Mandatory)
  • Lifts & Transfers Training
  • Living with Alzheimer’s
  • Safe food handling
  • Emergency Preparedness

Past Educational In-Services:

  • Palliative Care
  • 3D’s: Dementia, Depression & Delirium
  • Sexuality & Limit Setting
  • Parkinson’s
  • Diabetes
  • Compression Stockings/ TED Stockings
  • Fire Safety
  • Infection Control
  • Healthy Boundaries & Self Care
  • Oral Health of the Elderly
  • Communication Skills for CHWs


Influenza Vaccinations

Provincial government regulations required all health care workers to receive the influenza vaccination or wear a mask while with their clients during the 2013/ 2014 flu season. At Living Well, 95% of our caregivers were vaccinated while the other 5% wore masks when with their clients due to personal preference or health reasons.



Living Well Home Care is the first private agency to pilot the Strategies and Actions for Independent Living (SAIL) program in Canada. The SAIL program involves a Home Activity Program (HAP) with 3 levels to suite your abilities. All of our Caregivers are fully trained to help you through the exercises and track your progress.

We are working hard to reduce the number of falls older adults experience in their homes.

Medication Course

In 2014, we improved our medication administration guidelines and policies to ensure that clients who need assistance with medications receive the highest quality services. Each of our caregivers attended a Living Well Medication Course in 2014 to refresh and examine their knowledge and skills. We witnessed improvements within just a few short months and are proud of the results.

Errors reduction (85%)
Incidents reduction (30%)

Client Satisfaction Survey Results


91% agree that they are treated with respect and courtesy at all times


95% agree that their caregivers do not come to work when they are ill, and that they practice good hand washing techniques to prevent the spread of communicable diseases


95% agree that their caregivers are able to help them with all their care needs, and understand what they need to do

Forty-eight percent of CHWs have been with Living Well Home Care for over 3 years and 7% are still with the company after 10 years.

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Staff Satisfaction Survey Results

CHW Satisfaction Survey respondents (87%)
  • agree that client safety is promoted, and safety improvements are encouraged
  • enjoy their job and get a sense of satisfaction from their work
  • agree that Living Well provides training and education that helps them look after their clients


Emergency Preparedness

The annual Emergency Preparedness In-Service discusses what to expect in various emergencies, what to pack in your grab-n-go bag and what the Living Well Emergency Preparedness plan includes. All of our clients are provided with a 72 hour emergency preparedness guide and our caregivers have access to additional emergency preparedness information through our office.

Participate in Shake Out BC Day on October 16th to prepare you and your family for how to survive and quickly recover from an earthquake.

Active emergency advisories in BC and local emergency planning information is available through Emergency Management BC.