Emergencies may include storms, power outages, floods, earthquakes or other serious events which is why our office staff are trained in how to organized, communicate and seek support for our clients in the event of an emergency.


Keeping up with developments in infection prevention and control is an important way to protect yourself and others from becoming ill and possibly facing serious side effects of communicable diseases. Our Client Services Supervisors attend the annual PICnet Conference as a way to stay informed about these developments. During the monthly IPCC meetings, supervisors discuss ways to implement and improve these standards.


Our Occupational Health and Safety Committee meets every month to discuss various health and safety risks posed to health care workers in the field. The Committee works together with staff to prevent health risks such as MSI’s (musculoskeletal injuries), working alone, Emergency Planning, and other possible events.


Living Well takes great care to protect the rights of its clients and staff through strict confidentiality practices and procedures. Our staff are made aware of company confidentiality policies and why the clients we work with face higher risk of abuse and fraud than the general public.